Over the course of 8+ modules, you will embark on a journey of more fully embodying your true divine nature through the expansive, deeply personal, and empowering practice of expressing the language of Light.
 Are you ready to explore your Limitlessness 

 & alchemize your Life? 
From day one, you will feel your soul come alive- both new and fresh, universal and ancient.
Each of the 8+ modules will expound upon a different expression of the Prima Lumina, light language, guiding you into a deeper understanding and experience of the Light I AM.

Modules are already recorded, in video format, and are approx. 20 minutes in length. Each module will also include an expression experience exercise for you to practice, along with any additional resources that are created or referenced.

  • Intro MODULE & Activation 

  • MODULE 1 What is the Language of Light & How to Speak it

  • MODULE 2 Scripting & Writing Light Language

  • MODULE 3 The Art of Singing Light Language

  • MODULE 4 Light Language Energy Signatures & Readings

  • MODULE 5 Light Mudras, Signing & Sigils

  • MODULE 6 Light Language Art

  • MODULE 7 Dance and Energy Transducing

  • MODULE 8 Daily Integration & Transformation

    BONUS EXTRAS: Light Language Cube Casting & a Virtual Concert with Spirit



Along with learning about and practicing all of these modalities, we will constantly be diving deep into what it means to embody Light itself in a potent and powerfully conscious way, in all Life.
Set aside your thinking and trying and simply let go into the fullness that you already are! My hope is that  
the gorgeous blaze of Unconditional Self-Love will truly be Set, spreading White-Fire healing to everything and everyone you encounter along the Way. 



This option is available for those who aren't able to comfortably afford either of the full price options. Purchase the course by contributing whatever is comfortable for you. It would be my honor to serve you in this way. 
Thank you!


Includes: 9 Modules + Expression Experiences
2 Bonus Extras



Pay in Full: $697

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8+ Modules w/ Expression Experiences

30 min Channeled Healing Session with Chyris
2 Bonus Extras


3 month payment plan

 $267 monthly

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8+ Modules w/ Expression Experiences

2 Bonus Extras

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I am a Priestess and Prophet of Light.
I have had the blessing of practicing light language for over 15 years and it has been my anchor through many rebirths.
One of my greatest life challenges has been overcoming self-hatred with infinite and boundless self-love, and I credit light language as the single most potent and effective gift in helping me unlock my soul's truth both in the privacy of my personal spiritual practice and amidst the kaleidoscope of our bustling world.

I am passionate about connecting you to your divine spiritual identity, inspiring you to unleash your most authentic self through releasing destructive programming and igniting experiences with your own divine wisdom and inner light.


  What does your Heart say?  

scroll and tune in...

  IS IT A YES?  

My heart's desire is for this course to forever change your life. If you want to unleash and unlock the Prima Lumina, language of light, join me today & get ready for next-level soul expression and expansion!

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